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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. More than 2.3 million people are affected worldwide, and, while certain strategies can help manage symptoms or slow the disease course, the fight for a world free of MS continues.

BP MS 150 raises more money than any other cycling event for any other cause. A two-day, 180-mile ride from Houston to Austin, this is the largest Bike MS event in the country and attracts thousands of cyclists, including a very dedicated team from Patterson + Sheridan.

A world free of MS

Patterson + Sheridan has participated in the BP MS 150 every year since 2006. That’s over 1,000 miles and even more in funds raised to end MS forever. In addition to supporting this wonderful cause, we love riding in the MS 150 for the valuable team building experience. We train together, camp out together, and celebrate at the finish line together. And, like most other teams, we prefer to pedal in style. Our jerseys are an important part of the firm’s history, and each year we design one better than the last. Our 2016 jersey (pictured below) was inspired by our 20th anniversary and represents the innovation and growth we’ve thrived on over the years. Members of the team have also participated in northern California’s Bike MS: Waves to Wine and Tour de Tahoe benefitting Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

We are proud to be a part of the MS movement and look forward to coming together each year for this unforgettable event.


Visit Patterson + Sheridan's Team Fundraising Page for the 2017 BP MS 150!


2016 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2016 BP MS150 Bike Team

2015 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2015 BP MS150 Bike Team

2014 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2014 BP MS150 Bike Team

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2013 BP MS150 Bike Team

2011 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2011 BP MS150 Bike Team

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2010 BP MS150 Bike Team

2009 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2009 BP MS150 Bike Team

2008 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2008 BP MS150 Bike Team

2007 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

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2006 BP MS150 Team - Patterson + Sheridan

2006 BP MS150 Bike Team