March 14, 2014

Summer Program

Summer Associates

The Summer Associate Program at Patterson + Sheridan offers promising law students interested in intellectual property law an opportunity to work alongside attorneys to gain valuable knowledge from real client work. The eight weeks that summer associates spend at P+S allows them to get to know the Firm, and for the Firm to get to know them.

Summer Interns

Patterson + Sheridan is passionate about providing undergraduates the opportunity to utilize their engineering and technical degrees to expose them to the potential careers in intellectual property law. The Summer Intern program runs for six weeks in conjunction with the Summer Associate Program.

Summer Program Opportunities

During the first week of the Summer Program, P+S presents “Patents 101” to Summer Associates and Interns to provide a base knowledge necessary for success at the Firm. Each week of the Program, Summer Associates and Interns are exposed to the knowledge-base of the Firm with topical lunch + learns. Summer Associates and Interns can expect to receive real work projects, participate in client meetings, attend depositions and trials, and listen to Continued Legal Education seminars. Each of these experiences are designed to introduce Summer Associates and Interns what life is like at Patterson + Sheridan.

Patterson + Sheridan places high value on training others to succeed. As such, Summer Associates and Interns are assigned mentors who provide real client work, feedback, and support throughout the Program. The mentors serve on the Recruiting Committee and attend weekly meetings to review work product and ensure everyone receives work assignments that draw on and expand their experiences.

The Summer Program also features weekly social events to provide Summer Associates and Interns the opportunity to get to know as many attorneys and staff members outside of the office. These events encourage comradery and networking, showcasing the culture of the Firm.

Overall, the Summer Program is an investment – an investment in your future and the future of the Firm. P+S believes the Summer Program is a two-way process; it is important that Summer Associates and Interns find the best fit for their futures. Each year, Patterson + Sheridan hires new associates, technical advisors, and patent agents through the Summer Program.

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Please note the 2024 Summer Program is full. We will begin reviewing applications for the 2025 Summer Program in May. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

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