November 7, 2013

​Successful Trial Work for Satisfied Clients

Patterson + Sheridan has established a strong track record of performing repeat trial work for satisfied clients. Working in close consultation with our clients, we use strategic motions to maximize opportunities for a favorable settlement. At the same time, we prepare a focused case for trial, if necessary. As a result, we’ve secured successes for clients as both plaintiffs and defendants – and developed long-lasting relationships with clients who use our services again and again.

One of the major players in the smartphone patent wars, for example, hired us to defend it in a patent infringement lawsuit. We have since defended the company in a series of such lawsuits filed across the country. On the plaintiff side, we filed a patent infringement lawsuit on behalf of a Texas company seeking to enforce its patents on mixed-signal devices against a competitor, obtaining a favorable settlement. The client subsequently retained us to file additional suits against other competitors. In each instance we obtained favorable settlements. We later resolved patent infringement claims asserted against the same client by a well-known patent holding company.

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