July 27, 2015

Maximizing Patent Value Through Scaling Up Process

A large state university approached us about an important
process for carbon dioxide capture it had developed. The inventors were
scheduled to present the technology at a conference within a few weeks, and
potential licensees were already inquiring about the technology. It was
imperative the client get the patent prior to the conference and before
negotiating any licenses.

While interviewing the client, it became clear the proof of
principle for the technology involved small scale laboratory practice.
Foreseeing that potential licensees might want to scale up the process, we
worked alongside the client to explore the methodology and equipment that would
be involved in scaling up the process from the laboratory practice to
commercial application.

The resulting patent, covering both the laboratory and
commercial aspects, was more valuable to the client as part of its overall
portfolio and as licensable technology. Even with the additional work, we had
the patent application filed prior to the client’s conference deadline.

Related Team:

Nicholas Smith, Ph.D.


Brooks Tueting


B. Todd Patterson

Practice Head, Managing Partner