Casey Parks, Associate

Deep, well-rounded IT industry experience

Casey Parks understands his clients in the complex software and IT industries because he speaks their language. Prior to joining the firm, he spent several years working in the tech sector. Casey held diverse positions that gave him a 360-degree view of what goes into technology development and implementation. As a result, he has the practical experience and technical knowledge his clients need when they come to him for patent preparation and prosecution.

After completing his computer science degree, Casey worked for ECR Software as a Java EE developer. His main project was a complex point-of-sale system that had him working directly with some of the same technologies he now helps his clients protect with patents – web applications, thick-client applications, networking and graphical user interfaces. Thanks to his time at ECR, Casey understands what goes into creating software that drives complex business operations.

Later in his industry career, Casey served as a Web engineer for Lowe’s Hardware. He was responsible for configuring and managing dozens of software instances for a globally accessible distributed application. In that role, Casey gained real-time experience with the intricacies – and challenges – of deploying software in a demanding corporate environment with thousands of simultaneous users. He became adept at putting software through its paces, handling stress testing and load testing to ensure it would function properly. This rounded out the knowledge Casey gained at ECR, and made him even more aware of the demands placed on his clients by their customers.

Casey’s undergraduate degree was also focused on gaining valuable practical experience. He researched video processing and graphics extensively, and now handles a significant amount of patent work in that area.

Quick study with a perfectionist streak

Casey brings his well-rounded industry experience to work every day on behalf of his clients. Having worked in such demanding, fast-paced positions, he is a quick study. Clients do not have to spend time educating Casey on the basic technology behind their inventions – he’s already up to speed. That allows him to focus on the novel aspects of a client’s innovative software product and determine the best legal strategy for securing patent protection. Casey’s time in the industry taught him how mission-critical protecting a client’s product is for their business, and he pairs that with a keen knowledge of patent law to create tailored solutions.

Working with an industry where one wrong line of code can destroy an entire product, it’s a good thing Casey is a self-admitted perfectionist. Whether it’s a provisional patent application or a response to a USPTO examiner, nothing goes out the door with Casey’s name on it unless it’s right. This has earned him the trust of his clients; the very lifeblood of their business depends on it.

At work even when he’s at play

Some of Casey’s work also reaches into his off hours – though all in the name of fun. He has been an avid video gamer for most of his life, and still plays frequently. It’s a way for him to keep in touch with friends who now live far away. Through his gaming Casey can also keep tabs on the latest developments in software, computer graphics, and video processing – all technologies he works to protect for his clients.

Away from his game consoles and computer screens, Casey enjoys shooting sports, particularly sporting clays. He has also recently taken up playing the guitar (using, of course, video games to learn) though confesses this is very much a work in progress.

*Not admitted to practice in North Carolina. 

Practice Areas


  • Master of Laws, Intellectual Property, Franklin Pierce School of Law, 2008
  • J.D., Valparaiso University School of Law, 2007
  • B.S., Computer Science (minor in Mathematics) , Appalachian State University, 2003

Bar Admissions

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Member of the Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts