Consumer Products

In the consumer products industry, protecting and distinguishing goods and services from those of competitors is vital to capturing market share and ensuring long-term commercial success. Well-informed and empowered consumers are pushing consumer-products companies to find innovative ways to create the right product, sell it at the lowest price, and bring it to market faster than ever before.

We are a single source of intellectual property expertise for consumer-products companies. Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting a range of innovations and brands, from hand tools, to guitars, household-cleaning products, and more.

In-House Experience

Prior to joining the firm, many of our attorneys served as in-house counsel for consumer-products companies, working directly with both marketing and research-and-development teams. Due to this experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges these departments face, and we can more effectively partner with them to create, acquire, protect, and manage their intellectual assets.

Trademark Services

In addition to our patent services, we protect brands through strategic trademark counseling, clearance, and portfolio management, and related areas such as domain names, trade dress, and unfair competition. We understand that for consumer products, trademarks can be just as important as patents to long-term commercial success.

We also advise our consumer-products clients on product licensing and distribution agreements, as well as copyright registrations and infringements. Given that many of our clients operate internationally, we assist them in obtaining trademark protection and other rights wherever their goods are sold.