Gero G. McClellan, Partner

IP Valuation

Highly Skilled in High-Stakes Valuation

For companies considering an acquisition or merger, the IP portfolio valuation can significantly impact the terms and price of the deal. When hundreds or thousands of patents have the potential to carry significant revenue and risks, Gero provides patent due diligence to capture the value and liability associated with the intellectual assets.

Prior to making a recommendation, he conducts a thorough analysis and ranks the patents using a qualitative grading system. His evaluation includes:

  • The scope, breadth and strength of patent claims
  • Potential revenue opportunities and litigation risks 
  • Chain of title and ownership documentation
  • The client’s unique priorities and objectives
  • Patent and application activity, both foreign and domestic

Clients also seek his expertise immediately following an acquisition to triage the invention landscape. Through collaboration with the company’s technical leadership, Gero provides immediate prioritization of assets that should be patented and are soon to be disclosed outside of the company. He also helps generate invention disclosure documents and educates clients on patent strategies to help them better manage their newly acquired intellectual assets.