Industrial Products

With the shift to a post-industrial economy, U.S. manufacturers have faced tough headwinds in recent years. The low cost of labor, large workforces, and economies of scale in emerging countries led many to predict a slow death for the U.S. industrial sector. However, the sector is not dead—far from it.

Across the U.S., manufacturers are doing more with less, making impressive gains in productivity. They are making more products with fewer people, as manufacturers boost innovation with better tools, equipment, and processes.

Our Industrial Tools Expertise

We work with many innovative industrial-tool makers, securing patent and trademark protection and providing pre-litigation due diligence, analysis, opinions, design-around counsel, and a range of other IP services. Our experience covers tools such as:

  • Air-filtration equipment
  • Filtration devices for the railroad industry
  • Catalysts and catalyst dispensers for petroleum refining
  • Oil & gas tools, including down-hole equipment such as drill bits, submersible pumps, and completion systems, and above-hole equipment such as tubular-running services. 

In such a mature industry, we write many patent applications for incremental product enhancements. Our attorneys are skilled at identifying and precisely describing how the invention fits within the tool’s evolution. Other clients are looking to penetrate established processes or markets through innovation in cost-, service-, or performance-driven advantages. We take the time to analyze the tool from every angle—including alternative applications—to derive the most value from every IP asset.

Engineering and Business Acumen

Our engineering training—including mechanical, process, and chemical—enables us to effectively identify, prioritize, and describe the inventive aspects that set each client’s inventions apart. We are also focused on our clients’ business realities and work to ascertain the exact features that add commercial value and create competitive advantage in the marketplace.