James A. Sheridan

Case Studies

Virtual Patent Counsel for Disk-Drive Technology Company

At its peak, the disk drive industry had more than 50 companies, including major players such as IBM, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba and others. Today, however, only three firms remain.

We worked with the company from its initial start-up, serving as its virtual in-house patent counsel, developing its patent portfolio, and helping to broadly license its technology. As the industry faced brutal competition and the technology evolved, we worked closely with our client to ensure its patent strategy helped position it for success.

Virtual Patent Counsel for Small Motor Leader

Long before fluid dynamic bearings became the popular motor for hard drives, Patterson + Sheridan began working with a client with aims to enter the small motor technology industry. We helped the company negotiate a patent license agreement with an established industry player, conducted due diligence on other industry competitors, advised on design modifications to avoid patent infringement, and prepared and prosecuted numerous patents for the company, filing nearly all the basic patents in this important field. The once-fledgling company is now the pioneer in fluid dynamic bearings for small motors.