Jessie D. Herrera, Jr., Partner

Design Patents

Jessie Herrera has prepared and prosecuted numerous design patents, protecting the ornamental appearance of a variety of devices, tools, and products, such as video cameras, handsaws, wrenches, and graphical user interfaces for electronic devices.

Although design patents have existed for over 150 years, their usage has paled in comparison to utility patents. However, recent high-profile cases such as Apple v. Samsung have brought their value and importance to the forefront.

One of Jessie’s higher-profile design patent cases included Cisco’s Flip Video camcorders. To protect the unique design, Jessie obtained several design patents for the client, covering various combinations of ornamental elements such as a bar or band design across the upper portion of the front of the camera, a universal serial bus arm on the top of the camera, and a button arrangement on the back of the camera.

Below are illustrations from several of the design patents that Jessie has prepared and prosecuted.