Patent applications in the multidisciplinary field of nanotechnology are rising rapidly, as breakthroughs occur in diverse fields such as healthcare, aeronautics, electronics, and energy. From stain-resistant clothing, to sunscreens, smartphones, and liquid crystal displays, nanotechnology is quickly transforming a range of industries.

We have worked in this complex, fast-paced, and competitive field for years, securing patents for inventions such as nano-composite catalysts for automotive emissions control and atomic force microscopes, which enable nanoscale imaging and data accuracy.

From the Lab to the Marketplace

From drafting and securing robust patents to enforcing them in court, we offer the full range of IP services to our nanotechnology clients. We understand the legal and technical complexities of this evolving field and have worked with clients from the lab to the marketplace, partnering with them over many years to build valuable patent portfolios.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

By definition, nanotechnology covers a broad class of fields. We draw upon our diverse team of attorneys with advanced degrees and practical work experience in biology, physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, computer science, and more. This variety of skillsets, combined with our nanotechnology experience, enables us to efficiently advocate and secure patent protection for submicroscopic inventions across a range of disciplines.