October 24, 2016

New Jersey Volunteers Lend a Hand to Popular Jon Bon Jovi Community Dining Program

Volunteers from the Shrewsbury, NJ office of Patterson + Sheridan spent a day planting seeds, weeding, and gathering fresh vegetables and spices to be served at the tables of JBJ Soul Kitchen, a non-profit community restaurant run by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. The restaurant, which has two locations in New Jersey, serves both paying and in-need customers.

The restaurant’s mission to provide “healthy, organic and locally grown food” is supported by donations from local farms like Laurino Farms, where our employees volunteered in May. To date, the Kitchen  has served over 50,000 meals thanks to the help of volunteers.

[image url=”http://www.pattersonsheridan.com/content/uploads/2016/10/collage.jpg”]