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Patterson & Sheridan, LLP. – Partnership with CareerSpring


Patterson + Sheridan is excited to announce a partnership with CareerSpring, an organization that works to enhance the employment potential of first-generation college students and enrich America’s workforce. We believe that partnering with CareerSpring will be a leap forward not only in our firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, but also provide students with purposeful guidance in career planning and execution. By focusing their work specifically on first-generation college students, CareerSpring provides a platform for the firm to take action in the pursuit of our common goals, and make an impact in the community at large.

More than 500,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programs across the US are first-generation college students. Despite the grit and determination that propelled them to college studies, many struggle with access to information and the social capital necessary for them to gain high-quality employment. Because of these factors, many exceptional young men and women go on to be under-employed, working at jobs that do not live up to their individual potential. In the meantime, the economy and workforce are rapidly evolving, with some traditional jobs disappearing due to automation and other factors, while others are arising from innovation. As a result, we need talented workers open to learning and excited about new career possibilities.

At Patterson + Sheridan, we know that our community impact is great because of the time and talent our employees contribute to causes that matter. Because we know how valuable investing in the next generation is, we invite our employees to contribute to CareerSpring.

Employees are invited to create a 5-7-minute career video, where they share insights regarding their profession, including the path of each individual’s education, his or her preparation to enter the chosen field, and work experience. These videos are made available to countless first-generation college students across America, which can provide guidance and valuable insight when making career decisions.

Employees are also encouraged to become a career advisor, acting as a critical asset to first-generation college students, offering well-informed, actionable, and inspiring advice to help these students launch a meaningful career. Advisors participate in advising sessions via CareerSpring’s online Career Platform, which makes the time commitment manageable and efficient.

This is an exciting opportunity for our employees to take concrete steps in enhancing the lives of others, while encouraging a diverse group of individuals to pursue their dreams.