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Japanese patent firm with U.S. roots

Leading U.S. intellectual property services for the Asia market

We provide intellectual property protection to some of Asia’s most innovative companies, such as global tech giant Toshiba. Our Japan office supports clients throughout Asia, including Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. With our U.S. attorneys regularly visiting and working from the Yokohama office, our Asian clients work directly with top U.S. patent attorneys, including native Japanese-speaking attorneys and patent agents.

With extensive technical and scientific backgrounds, we serve high-profile clients throughout Asia’s IT, biotechnology and life sciences industries, including:

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Filling a critical gap in the Asian market for U.S. patent law services 

With the majority of U.S. intellectual property firms in Asia handling non-patent, transactional work, we fill a critical gap, providing U.S. patent prosecution services to a range of Asian companies.

In addition, we keep our Asian clients updated on U.S. intellectual property issues, delivering seminars on topics such as the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 Alice decision, which determined two-step patent eligibility rules for potentially abstract ideas.

Our experienced team will effectively handle every step of the IP process to best protect your inventions. Services include:

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Fluency in intellectual property protection that overcomes the language barrier

Translating patent applications from Asian languages like Japanese or Korean into English can be especially difficult — with the disconnect in words and structure often failing to meet U.S. patent law requirements.

To prevent costly “lost in translation” scenarios, our native-speaking Japanese team members partner with our attorneys to develop invention-disclosure meetings with inventors in the client’s native language. The attorneys then draft the patent application in English, ensuring the details of a client’s invention are technically accurate and without complication for patent examiners.

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