February 1, 2017

Federal Circuit Court Decisions For Week Ending January 20, 2017

Wi-Lan USA, Inc. v. Ericsson, Inc., Nos. 2015-1766, -1794 (January 17, 2017) (Non-precedential) Patent Nos. 8,027,298; 8,249,014; and 8,229,437

Key point(s):

  • A district court must avoid weighing evidence and relying on attorney argument when assessing a summary judgment motion.
  • A Most Favored Licensing (MFL) provision in an agreement can be limited by state law to only patents owned by the licensor at the time of the agreement.

Trading Technologies International, Inc., v. CQG, Inc., No. 2016-1616 (January 18, 2017) (Non-precedential) Patent Nos. 6,772,132 and 6,766,304

Key point(s):

  • Patents for an inventive concept that improve the accuracy of trader transactions are not invalid under Alice.

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