August 9, 2016

Federal Circuit Court Decisions For Week Ending July 22, 2016

Unwired Planet LLC v Apple, No. 2015-1725, (July 22, 2016) (precedential 3-0) Patents Nos. 6,532,446; 6,647,260; and 6,321,092

Key point(s):

  • Summary judgment can inappropriately decide as a matter of law issues which are properly questions of fact for the jury to decide.

AngioScore v. Trireme Medical, No. 2016-1126, 2016-1142 (July 21, 2016) (non-precedential) Patent No. 7,691,119

Key point(s):

  • Federal courts can only exercise jurisdiction over state law claims when there is a “common nucleus of operative fact.”

Polar Electro Oy v. Suunto Oy, No. 2015-1930, (July 20, 2016) (precedential) (3-0) Patents Nos. 5.,611,346 and 6,537,227

Key point(s):

  • Personal jurisdiction can be exercised over a foreign defendant who actively participated in supplying and shipping the accused products to the forum state.

WBIP LLC v. Kohler Co. No. 2015-1038, 2015-1044, (July 19, 2016) (precedential) (3-0) Patents Nos. 7,314,044 and 7,832,196

Key point(s):

  • JMOL is not available when substantial evidence supports a jury verdict.
  • Permanent injunction granted only proper after all eBay factors considered.

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