November 15, 2016

Federal Circuit Court Decisions For Week Ending November 4, 2016

Amdocs (Israel) Limited v. Openet Telecom, Inc., Case No. 2015-1180 (November 1, 2016) (precedential) (2-1) Patent Nos. 7,631,065; 7,412,510; 6,947,984; and 6,836,797

Key point(s):

  • Eligibility can be found under 35 USC § 101 when generic components operate in an unconventional manner to achieve an improvement in computer functionality
  • Subject-matter eligibility can be based on limitations specified in the court’s construction of a claim term even if those limitations are not explicitly found in the claims

Red Dog Mobile Shelters, LLC v. Kat Industries, Inc., Case No. 2016-1370 (November 3, 2016) (non-precedential) Patent No. 8,534,001

Key point(s):

  • To create a triable issue about whether a product infringes, an expert witness must interpret claim limitations in a manner consistent with how a person of ordinary skill in the art would interpret them in the context of the specification.

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