March 17, 2023

Federal Circuit Summary for Week Ending March 17, 2023

Apple, Inc., v. Vidal, No. 2022-1249 (March 13, 2023) (precedential) (3-0)

Key point(s):

  • The America Invents Act precludes appeals of a PTAB decision on whether to institute an IPR.

AlterWAN, Inc., v., Inc., No. 2022-1349 (March 13, 2023) (precedential) (3-0); Patent Nos. 8,595,478 & 9,015,471

Key point(s):

  • Stipulated judgments are defective if they are ambiguous in material respects.

Intel Corp., v. PACT XPP SCHWEIZ AG, No. 2022-1037 (March 13, 2023) (precedential) (3-0); Patent No. 9,250,908

Key point(s):

  • There is motivation to combine when a known technique has been used to improve one device and a person of ordinary skill in the art would recognize that it would improve similar devices in the same way using the prior art elements according to their established functions.

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