What Makes Us Different

Technical Experts

Our broad and deep technical expertise, spanning disciplines such as engineering, physics, computer science, biology, materials science, and chemistry, sets us apart from general practice firms. With advanced degrees and hands-on technical work experience, our attorneys speak the language of technology and innovation. 

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IP Strategists

Today’s knowledge-based economy requires sophisticated IP strategies for long-term commercial success. As a full-service intellectual property firm, we are experts not just in patent prosecution, but in all possible strategies for maximizing the full potential of intellectual property. 

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100,000+ Patents Prosecuted

We are one of the nation’s leading intellectual property and technology law firms, prosecuting hundreds of patents every year for some of the world’s largest companies. In its most recent rankings of the nation’s top IP law firms, Intellectual Property Today ranked us 30th for the number of patents prosecuted per year. 

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