August 14, 2018

3 Ways Patterson + Sheridan Helps a Fortune 50 Tech Company Develop the Highest Quality Patents

When clients turn to Patterson + Sheridan, our attorneys go “all in” to deliver the highest quality strategic counseling and most thorough patent applications. Sometimes that means flying across the country to brainstorm with inventors or dedicating time to stay on the cutting-edge of our clients’ industries.

One Fortune 50 technology company relies on our firm to grow and protect their intellectual property, and in today’s fast-paced market, they can’t miss a beat when it comes to their inventions. Here are three ways we help them stay ahead.

1. Conducting “mining sessions” to extract and develop patentable ideas

Several of our attorneys recently traveled to meet with inventors and identify patentable ideas. By asking the right questions and brainstorming in a one-on-one environment, our team developed robust patent disclosure documents in conjunction with the inventors.

The result: 25 submissions to the company’s patent review board in a 48-hour period. These mining sessions expedite the process of turning half-baked ideas into potential patent applications, providing tremendous value for the client in more ways than one.

2. Assisting with patent pitching events to create a more efficient filing process

Typically, inventors draft disclosure documents themselves and submit them to their company’s patent review board, a process that can take months, if not longer.

To generate ideas more efficiently, our client periodically hosts a two-day workshop where dozens of inventors from across the company pitch their ideas. Our attorneys are invited to sit on the panel that hears proposals in order to provide feedback and identify the strongest candidates.

Once those winners are approved, we get to preparing patent applications. These events streamline an otherwise tedious process and afford our team the unique experience of working closely with in-house experts and generating a high volume of patents quickly.

3. Attending educational workshops to stay ahead of the latest industry developments

Our North Carolina office recently dedicated an entire day to attend a technical workshop, learning about machine learning and artificial intelligence with an expert PhD engineer. The goal? Gain a greater understanding of the latest advancements in this technology so our attorneys can better add value when handling related cases.

At Patterson + Sheridan, we pride ourselves on being forward-looking. Staying current with the technical aspects of our clients’ industries is just as important as continually honing our legal skills. When we understand the technology better, we can do better work.

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