September 11, 2013

Evaluating Portfolios, Assessing Risks

Patterson + Sheridan has extensive experience in helping clients identify and evaluate intellectual property portfolios for possible acquisition. Recognizing the need to move swiftly in the competitive IP marketplace, we quickly assemble an IP valuation team – tailored to reflect each portfolio’s technology focus – that combs through dozens or even hundreds of patents. We then conduct a detailed qualitative assessment to determine whether the portfolio aligns closely with a client’s products and strategic business objectives.

The recent emergence of non-practicing entities, or NPEs, has added a new element to our portfolio risk assessment. Because NPEs neither invent nor produce products of their own, their purchase of a patent portfolio may place technology companies at a competitive disadvantage, leaving them vulnerable to costly infringement lawsuits. Drawing on our years of experience, we assess and advise our clients on both the potential risks of specific IP assets being acquired by NPEs and the strategic benefits of client acquisition.

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