February 10, 2015

Patterson + Sheridan Conducts an IP Mining Workshop for an Emerging Company, Which Led to the Company Identifying Key New Patentable Ideas

One of our multi-national diversified clients had invested in an emerging alternative energy company (the “Company”). This client was concerned the Company’s effort developing an IP portfolio was of less priority than developing the core technology; the filing of key patents therefore was delayed. At our client’s request, we conducted a two and half day workshop to identify opportunities to enhance the Company’s patent filing process, identify new patentable ideas and trade secrets, and prioritize and file patent applications covering ideas identified in the meetings. Another key objective was to help the Company’s personnel develop a faster and more efficient patent filing process and to review and develop effective trade secret protection practices. Because of the technical expertise, industry experience, and global legal knowledge of our attorneys, we were able to help the Company identify several key IP assets. The refined patent filing strategy we helped develop should simplify and speed up the Company’s patent filing process, provide its inventors time to further develop their ideas, and enable the Company to carefully consider IP strategies for each idea and make patent filing decisions that align with its business practices and budgets.

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