September 21, 2016

Sale of Industry-Leading Patent Portfolio Funds Client’s Next Product

For nearly a decade, we have represented a prominent company in the video analytics space, building a high quality portfolio of patents protecting its industry-leading product.

The portfolio was so strong that, in 2014, it attracted the attention of a potential buyer. At the same time, our client was working on a complete revamp of its first-generation product employing entirely new technology. This would require making a significant investment.

The offer to buy the legacy product’s patent portfolio came at a crucial time in the company’s history and funded the innovations that laid the groundwork for the new product. In negotiating the sale, we also secured several important protections, enabling the client to continue to sell the legacy product while also license it. In short, the company received money for its patents but could continue to operate as if it hadn’t sold them.

Strong Patent Portfolio = Untapped Resource

Our client had worked for nearly a decade to develop a patent portfolio that built value over time — eventually attracting attention from an interested buyer. By building valuable protections into the sale negotiations, the portfolio funded our client’s next product, while not using any of the legacy technology covered by the portfolio.

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