September 4, 2019

Successfully Defending a patent against two IPRs

Successfully defending a patent against two IPRs

An inter partes review (IPR) can often be a death sentence for a patent. In fact, the majority of all filed IPRs ultimately get instituted. So when a competitor filed two IPRs against our client — an industrial filtration company — challenging an existing patent our firm had obtained, we had our work cut out for us.

While the challenger’s expert made an argument that may have seemed compelling on its surface, the Patterson + Sheridan team was able to see through the facade because they understood the technical nuances of how the product was designed and is used.

Since our attorneys had unique insight into the technology, they were able to work with the patent holder’s experts to diminish the argument and soundly refute the technical points made by the challenger’s expert. Ultimately, the IPRs were not instituted — a relative rarity in today’s IP landscape.

At Patterson + Sheridan, we’re not just lawyers. Our attorneys have scientific backgrounds, years of industry experience and extensive knowledge in specific technical areas. When it comes to complex subject matter, that’s what sets our firm apart: We possess a deep understanding of both the law and technology, which allows us to see below the surface and comprehensively approach each matter.

This recent success is just one example of how we synergistically leverage our convergence of legal and technical know-how to benefit our clients.

Associated attorneys: Keith Taboada, Brian Taboada

Associated practices: Industrial Products

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