August 5, 2016

Technical Knowledge, Team Approach Key in Managing Complex Patent Portfolio Transactions

In today’s deal-driven technology sector, a transaction’s value rests heavily in a target’s active patent portfolio. Often, the portfolio is the competitive edge the acquiring company is after in the first place. With so much at stake, companies rely on patent counsel with both legal and technical backgrounds to properly assess and manage the transfer of these crucial IP assets.

Longstanding client relationship equals in-depth technical knowledge

For more than eight years, Patterson + Sheridan has represented a world leader in mobile wireless technology with respect to its complex and active patent portfolio. Due to this longstanding relationship, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the underlying technology.

Thus, when the client decided to undergo a series of transactions that involved complex active patent portfolios, our main company contact knew there was no time to spare for educating patent counsel, and enlisted Patterson + Sheridan to manage the integration of the incoming portfolios.

Acquisition of multiple patent portfolios

Our integrated team acted quickly and seamlessly, working directly with the acquired company, its inventors, and domestic and international patent counsel to:

  • Assess portfolios, including both U.S. and international patents, drawing upon the firm’s experienced docketing and paralegal team to ensure the complex process went smoothly
  • Identify issues, including inventions not yet protected by patent applications. We quickly filed these applications to ensure crucial rights were protected
  • Develop solutions, in all assisting the client with a series of three transactions over two years

During the process, we assessed hundreds of patents, filed countless applications and protected the client’s significant investment. These transactions were key to the company’s success in a very competitive market, and Patterson + Sheridan served as a trusted ally throughout.

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