July 5, 2023

David Ashton Featured in Texas Tech Today’s Article, “Dual Degree Makes Perfect Sense for Well-Rounded Attorney”

David Ashton is the subject of an article for Texas Tech Today where he discussed how the school’s dual degree program was a perfect fit for his career goals and ultimately joining Patterson+Sheridan.

Ashton states, “While I was in law school, Patterson + Sheridan LLP offered me a remarkable chance to work alongside them, and during this experience, I gained invaluable insight into the significance of effective communication with our clients. I made a conscious choice to select coursework that directly aligned with the specific needs of Patterson + Sheridan’s clientele.”

David further mentions his P+S mentors, “I owe a debt of gratitude to the many individuals who supported my journey, and I believe it’s my duty to impart that wisdom to those embarking on their own paths. Within our firm, our founder, Todd Patterson, and partners Steve VerSteeg, Chad Daugherty, Joe Stevens, Keith Taboada and Brooks Tueting have been guiding forces for me. In turn, I take immense pleasure in mentoring our younger associates, equipping them with the invaluable tools I’ve acquired.”

Read the full article at Texas Tech Today | Download PDF

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