July 1, 2022

Federal Circuit Summaries For Week Ending June 17, 2022

University of Massachusetts et al. v. L’Oréal S.A., No. 2021-1969 (June 13, 2022) (precedential) (3-0); Patent No(s). 6,423,327 & 6,645,513

Key point(s):
• If the patentee believes the patent examiner’s reasons for allowance is for a too narrow reading of the claims, then the patentee needs to indicate otherwise or be stuck with the patent examiner’s narrow reading of the claims.

Baker v. Raimondo, No. 2021-1961 (June 13, 2022) (nonprecedential)

Key point(s):
• A plaintiff must exhaust all administrative remedies before appealing to a district court or the Federal Circuit.

SynQor, Inc. v. Vicor Corp., No. 2020-1259 (June 17, 2022) (nonprecedential); Patent No. 7,272,021

Key point(s):
• Vacator is appropriate when the patent has expired before the PTAB final finding of unpatentability.

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