Medical Devices + Procedures

The medical devices and procedures industry faces considerable growth opportunities as well as daunting investment challenges. The globally aging population and rise in lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes are leading to skyrocketing demand for new medical devices and procedures. However, lengthy regulatory review cycles and reimbursement uncertainties in the U.S. have led to a decline in investment, with investors' turning to industries and foreign markets offering less time-consuming and less expensive paths to market.

Multidisciplinary Scientific and Technical Expertise

We have secured hundreds of patents for a range of treatments, therapies, and technologies, including:

  • Robotics
  • Tubing
  • Patient care equipment
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Medical gases
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Infusion treatment machines
  • Respiratory elements
  • Ophthalmic medical devices

Our attorneys’ experience and understanding of specialized fields such as cardiology, radiology, neurology, physiology, and anatomy enable us to rapidly grasp the inventive aspects of even the most complex inventions. Given that medical devices and procedures typically span a range of scientific and technical areas, they require a patent firm with extensive multidisciplinary knowledge. Our broad base of expertise and interdisciplinary approach ensures we can support virtually any medical device or procedure.

Building Patent Portfolios from the Ground up

We serve clients of all sizes and have worked with physician-led startups and other small, high-growth enterprises from their inception, building strong, commercially viable patent portfolios from the ground up. We have also worked with established companies, managing their IP assets throughout the product lifecycle. In addition to patent preparation and prosecution, we provide the full range of intellectual property services, including advising clients on issues specific to the medical device industry, such as methods of treatment patent claims and the relationship between FDA filings and patent applications.

As consolidation has swept the industry in recent years, we have provided strategic mergers and acquisitions support, including valuation and due diligence, and examining patents for licensing and enforcement opportunities, potential market revenue, and possible infringement of competing products and services.