Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing how the world does business. At Patterson + Sheridan, we’re on the front lines of this innovation, advising and supporting the groundbreaking companies that make it all possible.

Some are already referring to AI as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and its breadth of applications is still being realized. For companies pioneering in this space, safeguarding AI-based inventions and intellectual property is critical.

Experienced AI attorneys for complex, data-driven IP

Our clients leverage artificial intelligence across a variety of industries including healthcare, telecommunications, software and more, and we’re proud to serve their traditional and emerging legal needs.

We have counseled clients on AI technologies related to wearable medical devices, predictive health diagnoses, 5G wireless, programmable logic devices, semiconductor fabrication and machine learning to enhance software user experience (UX). This includes counseling related to the intersection of AI and subject matter eligibility requirements, along with strategies for enforcing AI patents.

Our AI attorneys have secured and defended numerous patents for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, including:

  • Representing a Fortune 500 telecommunications company in patenting the many ways AI can optimize networks and improve security
  • Representing a semiconductor company in patenting programmable hardware platforms for efficient execution of AI applications
  • Representing a Fortune 100 information technology company in patenting AI solutions related to medical diagnoses
  • Representing a wearable device startup, which was recently acquired for over a billion dollars, to build a patent portfolio with AI as its backbone

Patterson + Sheridan provides comprehensive IP counseling and prosecution services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our lawyers work collaboratively with startups and developers of new AI technologies, as well as established companies seeking to implement AI software and machine learning solutions.



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